When Next To Sealcoat My Driveway

How Often Should You Seal Coat Your Driveway?

When you were homeowner for a while, you start to think of certain investments and what is the best time to schedule them out for the years to come.  One of these maintenance for your homes is a beautifully sealcoated driveway. If you just got your driveway done three months ago, and it looks absolutely  solid and sound.  When is the next time you should call your driveway contractor?

When Exactly Is The Best Time?

There is no one answer for this,  because it a lot of it depends on preference.  In our experience, the number is every 2nd year. We have clients who like to see their driveway and there A+ state all year every year. They give us a call almost like a subscription every fall to come and give it a retouch. Then there are people who wait way too long and face costs and problems which could have been easy avoided.

time to sealcoat

You do not want to be the latter, especially if you live in a place which has temperatures way too hot are way too cold to do sealcoating. The reason that this plays a big role is because as seasons come and go things change, your wooden floor crackles, bathroom doors do not fit and your asphalt gets a little more weak. When it does get weak, the weaker spots start to takes some noticeable effects.  One of the common effects is cracking, where you see little separations between bodies of asphalt.  This is the beginning of the problem, now there is a direct passage for water to leak into the inside of your driveway pavement and start rotting the underneath ground.  Since there is no sunlight or any way to dry out that water it is likely to be stuck there for weeks doing all the damage it can.

time to sealcoat

We take a three step process to make sure that these cracks are completely filled and shut properly.  We then test the driveway by rechecking that everything is solid and flat before we move on to doing the sealcoating.

High-quality sealants last longer

The average ceiling tends to be quite tender and watery,   though it is cost effective we prefer to go the road with the take and heavy duty. Our sealant is applied it leaves a sticky ground which takes a bit longer to cool off but ones that is done you’re looking at an extra year before you have to call us again.